Communicating with the Latino Electorate

At Signified we know that persuading and mobilizing Latino voters is about so much more than flatly translating your ads and website into Spanish. That’s why we take a deeper, more customized dive into developing creative for Latino audiences than any other digital firm.


Language Preference Targeting

When possible, we cut creative in both English and Spanish, allowing the language preference set in the voter’s device or web browser to determine which version they see.





Getting the Details Right

We go far beyond “Regular” and “Spanish” when making targeted creative, including working with Latino voiceover artists for English-language spots and staging multiple shoots for b-roll.

We All Need Parks (AAPI English – included here for contrast)

We All Need Parks (Latino Spanish)


Bi-lingual From the Beginning

When possible we like to choose a single tagline (sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish) to tie together our creative across languages.