Direct Mail

Direct mail lets us tell a complex story. It also lets us repeat messages to our entire target universe reliably. For these reasons, even as new technology and changing media habits destroy the central role of broadcast television in smart campaigns direct mail will long remain a critical and central channel for reaching voters. Signified mail stands out in the mailbox, and integration of message and creative with other channels increases recall.

Here are just a few of our favorite pieces from the 2016 cycle. Click an image below to see the entire piece. To be honest, we don’t think a website is the best way to showcase strong mail – for a more detailed portfolio of recent mail, get in touch.

No on Prop 53

“Cut Union Jobs”



Applegate/Issa (CA CD49)



Omar Passons for San Diego County

Walk Piece

Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett (IE)


Anna Caballero (IE)


Angelique Ashby for Sacramento Mayor (IE)

“3 Minutes”

“Wait Around”