It’s Nice to Meet You

Thanks for coming by. We’re proud of our creative, not because we want to win any art contests, but because we know that boring communications don’t break through. Our work is developed – from concept to drop date – with your goals and target universe in mind, and we always match the medium to the message.

There are plenty of other galleries of our recent work on this website (click to see general portfolios of direct mail, online video, and websites), but we put together this page to highlight some of the creative that we think is most relevant to our proposal. Below are some of our favorite pre-roll spots and microsites from 2014 and 2016 legislative campaigns. Please see the proposal packets sent to BJ for direct mail samples you can get your hands on.

Multichannel Voter Contact

We’re big believers in driving a targeted message across multiple channels. Like digital and direct mail. Like this:

(click image to view the full mail piece)
(click image to view the full mail piece)

Positive Legislative IE Spots

Whether for IEs, candidate, or committees supporting or opposing ballot measures, we always make our own pre-roll spots. We don’t think putting a :30 TV spot online makes any more sense than printing out the website and mailing it to voters.


Negative Legislative IE Spots

Negative video ads need to hit hard – and fast. That’s our specialty.


Negative IE Microsites

Click an image below to see the full site.


Positive IE/Candidate/Other Websites

Click an image below to see the full site.


Direct Mail

Click an image below to see the full mail piece.