From Big Data to Big Impact

targetdfeaturedWhether we need a hyperfocused persuasion universe to stretch a budget or we’re using your custom scoring to deliver finely tuned messaging to hand-selected audiences, Signified’s use of precise targeting informs the development of our creative – and vice-versa.

Data isn’t an end in itself, but for Signified clients it can be the path to engagement, persuasion and action with which traditional media can’t compete. We’re always innovating, so our clients are, too.


Microtargeting Research and GOTV

Working with the California Labor Federation on the Million More Voters project since 2013, we’ve been lucky to take part in some deep experiments with digital and multichannel GOTV communications. Employing the Fed’s proprietary scoring to target a bilingual voter contact program has borne promising results. Every experiment we’ve run has demonstrated a positive effect on turnout compared to control groups.

Check out a recent project online: My Plan to Vote. Expect a more detailed analysis of 2015 GOTV experiments in early 2016.

Beyond the “Lowest Common Denominator”

Depending on broadcast media like television and radio to deliver your message can result in an approach that – while not offending any group greatly – has had any particular sharpness with one group or another dulled across the board. Because detailed targeted and custom campaigns are at the core of all our work, Signified’s creative is tightly honed for our specific audience.

In a tight Assembly runoff in San Francisco, our IE work for the San Francisco Professional Firefighters highlighted a key endorsement for our narrow universe of Republicans and Independent Men:

And in an otherwise heavily conservative inland district our IE didn’t have to pull any punches with our tightly targeted audience of Democratic women:

There’s more where these came from, and we’d be happy to talk your ear off about our approach to moving from big data to big impact. Questions? Get in touch.