Nothing Defines Like Video

With digital video, we can define and opponent swiftly, dramatically and robustly without spending an absurd amount of money. The tie-ins to social media also help further drive a negative narrative and actively define the candidate in our terms across the web. Signified’s creative moves people, and our multichannel approach to negatives moves the needle.


Chevron Cheryl: Not Beating Around the Bush

This is our favorite campaign running now. Our IE has the support of labor, environmental and groups across the state – but we will still be outspent by the oil companies pumping millions into supporting our opponent. Our answer has been these hard-hitting ads, website and social component – integrated with mail, cable and nontraditional tactics like mobile billboards.


Oil Man: Tight Targeting and Satirical Creative

This IE program targeted a subgroup of coastal women voters whose primary concerns were offshore drilling and fracking. We used a direct data match to create our target universe and eschewed a more direct attack in favor of the satirical message of this ad.


Mary Hayashi: Personal Scandal and Political Consequences

During an ugly primary our opponent was arrested for shoplifting leather pants (yes, you read that correctly). This resulted in a ton of earned media, but our research didn’t show the arrest itself to be our most important hit – so we used this spot in search, contextual and other targeted ad buys.