Some of our favorite work

While we’re known for our digital video work, Signified doesn’t work from a set playbook. From websites, video and social to direct mail, TV and outdoor – our creative always fits the task at-hand. Below is a gallery of some of our strongest stuff from 2013-2015.

Ballot Measures

Local, county or state-wide, Signified’s team has experience identifying complex audiences and creating effective media for these challenging campaigns. Message integration across media is especially important in a race without a candidate, and that’s our specialty.

Candidate Races and IEs

We work with candidate campaigns and independent expenditure committees to move messages and persuade voters. Sometimes we’re taking the lead, and sometimes we are helping to add digital video to an existing multichannel mix.

Voter Engagement and GOTV

The latest research on voter turnout dovetails nicely with media habits of the emerging young, non-white majority: digital matters, and our voters are online like no one else. No one does GOTV like Signified, and everyone else leaves votes on the table.

Multilingual and Microtargeted

The smart our targeting criteria, the more finely tuned our message. Persuasion and engagement metrics soar when you nail the details like language, device preference, and other custom targeting criteria.