A Data-Driven IE Campaign

In the 2016 primary, Labor and Environmental groups supported Henry Stern, but business groups came in with a huge IE supporting his Democratic opponent. We know that only one Democrat would make it through to the general.

The Message

Using advanced scoring developed for the California Labor Federation’s Million More Voters program (which Signified has advised since 2013), we identified unique audiences of movers clustered around a single-issue environmental message. We used a 1-to-1 custom data match to serve digital video and social media ads to the same audience we hit in the mail and field.

The Results

Our communications launched just after ballots dropped, and the results were extraordinary: Stern lost early voters by 3 points but won election day voters by 13 points – starting off losing second place 19% to 22% and ending up getting into the general with a 27% to 18% finish. We had to find a unique path to succeed, but succeed we did.