From Broad Strategies to Narrow Tactics

At Signified, we know the possibilities presented by microtargeting and shrewd segmentation are a big deal. But we also know that if you can’t credibly adapt creative to fit unique audiences, you might as well not bother with it. From media planning to post-production, every decision we make is driven by the unique nature of the task at hand.

Case Study: LA Parks

The Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District have us a complex mandate: raise awareness and positive sentiment of the role of community parks in the lives of everyday Angelenos across an incredible number of linguistic and ethnic communities. We used it to deliver a simple message: We All Need Parks. Combining microtargeted digital video and social media ads with an extensive mix of print and other in-language ethnic media, outdoor and transit advertising, we found our audience just about everywhere.

Using control groups and an integrated online survey question, we were able to definitively test the value of extensive segmentation and creative changes for our uniquely diverse target universe. The results were clear: if you need someone to listen to you, it pays to speak their language.

We All Need Parks: General

We All Need Parks: Spanish

We All Need Parks: Korean

We All Need Parks: Mandarin

We All Need Parks: English (Latino)

We All Need Parks: English (African-American)

We All Need Parks: English (AAPI)

We All Need Parks Public Restroom Advertising