Digital Video Does Storytelling Right

Video gives us 15 or 30 seconds to tell a story – and that’s plenty of time. A strong video and social media component makes positive candidate communications come alive.


We All Need Parks: The Right Kind of Awareness

This campaign by the LA County Regional Park and Open Space District is devoted to driving awareness and positive sentiment about parks among key subgroups of voters deemed most persuadable for a tax campaign coming this fall. Signified’s work in this campaign spans a half-dozen channels, including mobile billboards, in-restroom advertising, transit, print and digital placements.


Yes on E: Tapping into Local Pride

College of the Canyons is a nationally esteemed and locally celebrated institution, but they still need to raise money for needed repairs and technology upgrades. The Yes on E campaign aims to pass a much-needed bond with messaging steeped in local pride and local foresight.


David Chiu IE: Keeping it Simple

We often run IE campaigns for Firefighters union locals, and our research usually shows that our best message is the Firefighters’ endorsement itself. In this spot supporting David Chiu for State Assembly (targeted to older white San Francisco voters) we put that front and center.

Nothing Defines Like Video

With digital video, we can define and opponent swiftly, dramatically and robustly without spending an absurd amount of money. The tie-ins to social media also help further drive a negative narrative and actively define the candidate in our terms across the web. Signified’s creative moves people, and our multichannel approach to negatives moves the needle.


Chevron Cheryl: Not Beating Around the Bush

This is our favorite campaign running now. Our IE has the support of labor, environmental and groups across the state – but we will still be outspent by the oil companies pumping millions into supporting our opponent. Our answer has been these hard-hitting ads, website and social component – integrated with mail, cable and nontraditional tactics like mobile billboards.


Oil Man: Tight Targeting and Satirical Creative

This IE program targeted a subgroup of coastal women voters whose primary concerns were offshore drilling and fracking. We used a direct data match to create our target universe and eschewed a more direct attack in favor of the satirical message of this ad.


Mary Hayashi: Personal Scandal and Political Consequences

During an ugly primary our opponent was arrested for shoplifting leather pants (yes, you read that correctly). This resulted in a ton of earned media, but our research didn’t show the arrest itself to be our most important hit – so we used this spot in search, contextual and other targeted ad buys.